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ITSPaul Deals is an Ottawa based company that has been selling gizmos and gadgets for many years.  Initially starting in camera surveillance, we have expanded into more compact  and entertaining products.  ITSPaul Deals adds new products daily, and always offers the most updated gadgets around.  The owner of ITSPaul Deals, has had a love affair for anything electronic and fun from a very young age; he would always have a difficult time finding what he wanted, and when he did find that item, it would take a long time to get to him (who has 3-5 weeks to wait for a package?!).  Thus ITSPaul Deals was created.  Our mission at ITSPaul Deals is to get you the gadgets you want, in the time you want, at competitive prices. Our mantra at ITSPaul Deals is that you are never too old to have fun and to get your gadget on!

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